Having an online presence is crucial for any business to succeed in today’s world. If you don’t have a website, you are losing out on credibility and potential customers. Due to this, many people turn to different web development companies around the world to build them the perfect website to meet their needs.

Finding those perfect website developers can be difficult, though. That is why we have put together a list of the top seven web development companies in the world to help you make your decision no matter where you are located.

Table of contents

  1. Top Web Developers in the USA
  2. Top Web Developers in Russia
  3. Top Web Developers in the United Kingdom
  4. Top Web Developers in France
  5. Top Web Developers in Germany
  6. Top Web Developers in Canada
  7. Top Web Developers in Poland

Top Website Development Company in the United States

With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Atavion is a leading website development company in the US. We offer an all-in-one website solution to best showcase your business via a premium website. With our team of experts, we help grow your business through our various services with minimal involvement required from you.

How We Started

We began our journey back in 2015 as a web development agency.

When we first started, we mainly worked with big brands since out focus has always been developing premium websites. Due to the costs associated with organizing, developing, and maintaining high-end websites, our price tag was not affordable to everyone. We soon realized, though, that the niche we were in was not giving great opportunities to small and medium businesses, who we felt deserved access to premium websites at affordable costs.

So, we decided to make a change. After lots of research and testing, we found a way to automate the process by developing a proprietary solution that allows us to create high-quality websites faster and at lower costs. With our new system, we were able to cut down costs while still offering a custom look and feel to premium websites. Thus, allowing us to make our website development services available to a larger audience.

Where We Are Today

Today, we are serving thousands of small and medium businesses. With our custom-made website tailored to each businesses’ services, products, and clients, we can help these small and medium-sized businesses grow and thrive.

Brands We Have Worked With

Atavion has built over 2,000 successful websites for businesses in varying industries. We focus mostly on small businesses to help them grow and thrive in the digital world. Here are a few of our latest examples.

As we continue to grow at a fast pace, you can trust us to treat every customer as if they are our biggest. To us, the success of every site is important. At the end of the day, no matter what your business needs are, Atavion is sure to exceed your expectations.

What Makes Atavion the Top Website Developer?

What makes us the best is the fact that we give the opportunity to all small businesses to obtain unique, specially made sites that are maintained and supported by professionals.

By providing businesses with custom designs and coding, Atavion builds you a scalable and flexible website optimized for your unique business. No matter your industry or needs, Atavion can bring your dream website to life.

Our professional team of developers are experts at producing unique designs that are guaranteed to best leverage your brand. All you have to do is tell us what you want and then sit back as we do all the work for you.

All websites:

  • Are mobile-friendly
  • Are optimized for sales
  • Are SEO optimized
  • Come with domains and hosting
  • Contain photos & illustrations
  • Contain professional copywriting
  • Have a modern designed
  • Have unlimited updates available

What Makes Atavion Stand Out?

Atavion is known for its affordability. Through our innovative pricing plans, we have created the perfect balance between high-quality website developers, and low-priced website builders.

What does this mean? It means you get a professionally designed website created for you at a reasonable price. Essentially, you get the best of both sides of the website-making market.

We are able to do this by charging you on a per-month basis with no extra fees hidden within our plans. As soon as you sign up, we go to work building your dream website.

If at any point you decide you want to end your subscription, you can. We are not about locking you in with long contracts, rather more about surprising you with our capabilities to keep you happy as time goes on.

Top Website Development Company in Russia

Located in Moscow, Russia, Art. Lebedev Studio is a design firm that specializes in “finding the most effective, simple and beautiful way to solve each problem.” They focus on a wide range of work, including website development.

Brands They Have Worked With

With over 4 thousand websites developed by their team of designers, there are many different brand names that you may be familiar with.

They work hard to provide each client with the website that best fits their brand and needs.

Why Is Art. Lebedev Studio A Top Website Developer?

With a portfolio of 4,492 projects and 300 employees, Art. Lebedev Studio offers custom-made websites that are sure to please. They have also won an abundance of awards for their various works since the year 2000 all the way up to 2020.

Other Offered Services

Besides developing websites, this company’s main area of work includes:

  • Architecture
  • Book publishing
  • Design automation
  • Environment design
  • Graphic design
  • Industrial design
  • Interfaces
  • Patterns
  • Typefaces
  • Urban design
  • Wayfinding system

What Makes Art. Lebedev Studio Stand Out

The vast array of awards and services are not the only thing that sets this design firm apart. Their AI technology known as Nikolay Ironov is what does it.

This designer and neural network was originally passed off as another human employee. Once developers monitored its performance, its true nature was revealed to the public where Ironov then won the Epica Bronze Award.

This neural network can handle complex creative tasks such as creating logos and brand identities. It has been used to create 20 of the studio’s commercial products.

Top Website Development Company in the United Kingdom

Located in the UK cities of London, Leeds, and Manchester, Dept is a digital agency that helps clients accelerate their digital business. One way of doing so is by developing websites for them.

Brand Names You May Know

Dept has worked with many big names around the world as well as in the United Kingdom. A few of these include:

Each business had a unique request for their website that Dept was able to understand and transform into a reality.

Why Is Dept Considered A Top Web Developer?

As a trusted web developer, Dept creates unique designs that are backed by high-quality code. Once your site is built, it is tested by a team of digital testers that have been certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. The team ensures the latest security protocols have been met along with the latest web standards.

Other Offered Services

Depts services are composed of about 60% web development and 20% web design. Besides building your website for you, the other services they offer include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Campaigns & activation
  • Data & intelligence
  • Media strategy
  • Seo optimization
  • Social media design

Top Website Development Company in France

Located in Puteaux, France, Digis is a web development company known for “raising unicorns from startups.” They offer both mobile and web development services to help your business conquer the digital world.

Brands They Have Worked With

Since Digis focuses on startups, you may not be familiar with all of the names on this list of brands currently, but they could become some of the most well-known brands in time. A few already have.

  • BlaBlaCar – world’s #1 Long-Distance Carpooling and Ridesharing Platform
  • Facedrive – Canada’s first eco-friendly ridesharing startup with a $5.1 billion valuation
  • Lanslot – social Networking Platform for eSport Fans
  • Study Abroad – easy way to find a scholarship

As you can see, Digis works with a range of businesses in different industries to help them grow their business via a website.

Why is Digis Considered A Top Website Developer?

Digis has been in the IT business for over 11 years. With over 100 in-house specialists, they have a 100% job success rate and have won multiple awards.

Other Offered Services

Besides web development, Digis offers a few other services including:

  • Discovery phase – help you stay within budget
  • IT out staffing
  • IT support for startups
  • Mobile development

Top Website Development Company in Germany

Located in Berlin, Germany, Squareball is a leading website design and development company. They use cutting-edge technology and design methods to build products their clients love.

Brands You May Know

Squareball works with both start-ups and established brands to create high-functioning websites for their business. A few of these brands include:

Why Is Squareball a Top Website Developer?

Squareball develops their websites utilizing leading CMS platforms such as:

  • Open-source
  • Ecommerce
  • Emerging headless technology
  • Enterprise marketing solutions

Their immense experience in these platforms allows them to choose the perfect platform for your needs.

They use custom coding and transparent, collaborative planning sessions. With fully automated testing and deployment, they provide websites that you can rely on.

Other Offered Services

Besides website development, Squareball also offers services such as:

  • Product strategy and discovery
  • Brand identity

They can help you identify your product strategy to determine the right technology for your business’s needs as well as help set the brand identity.

Top Website Development Company in Canada

Located in Vancouver, Canada, ImageX is a website developer obsessed with your success.” This company has been consistently ranked #1 in multiple Clutch categories for multiple years.

Brands You May Know

ImageX has worked with a variety of well-known brands throughout the years. However, some of their more recent featured work includes working with lesser-known brands such as:

Why Is ImageX a Top Website Developer?

Besides working with some of the most well-known brands in the world, what makes ImageX a top website developer in Canada is its ability to provide top-notch websites for businesses in an array of different industries. Doing so has led them to win multiple awards throughout the years.

With a team that values quality, effective communication, and success, this company is great at making your website dreams a reality.

Other Offered Services

ImageX focuses mostly on developing websites utilizing advanced design and development aspects. However, they also offer services such as:

  • Blogging
  • Ongoing quality assurance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media management
  • Software and security updates

Essentially, they help keep your website up and running at peak performance throughout its lifetime if you wish to have them help you.

Top Website Development Company in Poland

Located in Tychy, Poland, Time4 Digital is a website design and development company that “takes your concepts and makes them digitally significant now, tomorrow, and in the future.”

What Makes Time4 Digital A Top Website Developer?

This company builds you a unique, dynamic, and powerful website. They take their time to make sure your website is built right by following these steps.

  • Establishing the websites platform
  • Determining the best coding language for the site
  • Deciding on either a static or dynamic front end
  • Designing the website’s layout
  • Adding initial content
  • Implementing security protocols
  • Linking to statistic programs

They claim to be “obsessed with perfection,” meaning they will do their best to provide you with a high-quality website that meets your needs.

Other Offered Services

Besides Website development, Time4 Digital also offers other services such as:

  • Developing a unique brand identity for your business
  • Developing web and mobile apps
  • Offering a WordPress plugin for your site

Finding the Right Website Development Company for Your Needs

The top website development companies in the world all offer professionally built sites that are uniquely designed for your needs. However, some of the top website developers are better at different aspects than others.

Depending on your needs and price range, you may find that going with a website developer like Atavion will be the best option for you. As a supporter of small businesses, we will have a smaller impact on your wallet, while still offering your business a professionally designed and optimized website.