Table of Contents

  1. Establish Goals for Your Premium Website
  2. Determine the Appearance of Your Website
  3. Put Together Information for Your Premium Website
  4. Subscribe to Atavion
  5. Start Premium Website Development
  6. Launch Your Premium Website

Do you have an established business with an underperforming website or, worse, no website at all? No matter your situation, it’s time for you to create a premium website for your business that best leverages your brand.

Don’t be a part of the 36% of small businesses that don’t have a website. In an ever-advancing world, you must have a website to establish trust and continue to grow. The best way to ensure you have the greatest possible website for your business is to have a leading website developer, like Atavion, build your site for you.

1. Establish Goals for Your Premium Website

The first thing you need to decide is the purpose of your website. The goals you set for your website are going to determine how it is laid out. This is because different layouts work better for different purposes.

Let’s say you are just starting your business. You need to decide if the purpose of your website is going to be to:

  • Provide information
  • Offer services
  • Sell products

A Website That Provides Information

Some websites are not designed to sell but rather inform. If you plan to only provide information about your business, your purpose is to inform.

An informative website benefits from having your articles easily available on the landing page. Conversions for this type of site will involve things like following your blog or subscribing to your newsletter.

A Website That Offers Services

If your business provides services, then you will benefit from a page that lists those services at one place. The difference here is that you will need a call to action that gets consumers to fill out a form to contact you. This is because when providing a service, you need more information about the client’s needs. Therefore, it is not as easy for them to simply click on a service to purchase it like they would a product.

A Website That Sells Products

Does your business sell tangible products? If so, you will benefit from having a page dedicated to your list of products. Conversions for this type would be for people to buy your products by directly clicking on them.

2. Determine the Appearance of Your Website

You are your business and industry expert. For that reason, you may have a better understanding of what types of designs your target audience will respond best to. That is why you should come up with a few ideas about how you want your premium website to look.

A few factors to consider are:

  • General layout (how many pages, where info is on pages, etc.)
  • Theme (simple, fun, professional, etc.)
  • Your color scheme

Together, we can go through your ideas and determine the best route of action based on our combined experiences. If you have no idea how you want your website to look, don’t worry about it. Our team of specialists can figure it out for you to ensure your website is designed to attract your target market.

3. Put Together Information for Your Premium Website

For your website to perform at its absolute best, we are going to need some basic information about your business. The more information you can provide us with, the less generic your website will be.

Basic information includes different factors such as:

  • List of services/products
  • Logo/other branding efforts
  • Photos
  • Texts

What You Sell Is Important to Your Website

If the goal of your website/business is to sell products/services, then you are going to need to compile your list of what you sell so that we can put it on your website. It is important that you have descriptions and prices readily available as well as images for all products. If you need help with descriptions, our copywriters can take general information and turn it into content that sells.

Branding Is Crucial to A Premium Website

Your brand image lets your consumers know what they can expect from your business. It also helps leave a memorable impression on them. Therefore, you must have your logo and any taglines you commonly use readily available for us to build into your website.

If you don’t have branding aspects readily available, we can help you come up with taglines to get you started.

Real Images Connect Better with Consumers

Your website needs images to capture your customer’s attention. Relevant images strategically placed throughout the website will better engage your visitors and lead to more conversions than “filler images”. If you take the time to take high-quality photos of your business and products, they will perform better on your website than any stock photo we place in there. This is because they add contextual information that adds to the value of your page rather than just being there to break up the text.

Premium Websites Need Quality Content

Every website needs text to describe your business and let people know what to expect from you. We highly encourage you to take the time to write out a few paragraphs about:

  • Your best features
  • Your employees
  • Your mission/vision
  • Your products/services

Even if you can’t come up with a complete paragraph, we can take what you give us and turn it into premium content. The more information you can provide, the more the text of your website will be accurate and unique to you. The less information we are given, the more generic your site becomes.

Struggling to Put Together Information?

If you are super busy trying to grow your business and don’t have the time to prepare all this information, don’t worry about it. Our team of professionals can create content and photos for you, but they will not be as specific to your business as content created by you would be. However, we guarantee your website will be professional and high-performing, no matter how much information you can give us.

4. Subscribe to Atavion

Now that you have put all the information you need together, it is time to subscribe to the best web design company, Atavion. That way we can go to work creating your dream, high-quality website through a custom website development process.

Start by choosing between our three affordable website development plans:

  • $149 for a single-page website
  • $199 for a multiple page website
  • $299 for an e-commerce website

Once you have chosen your plan, it is time to get you signed up! Click the “start for free” button and fill out the form that pops up. To get you signed up, we need your full name, email, and phone number so that we can stay in contact with you throughout the entirety of the web development process.

Tell Us About Your Business

Once you are signed up, it’s time to start giving us all the information you have collected. To make it easier for you, we have broken up our information intake into 4 steps. If you don’t have information for a specific field, don’t worry about it. You can always skip it and we can address it later on.

The first form you are going to fill out is the “contact” form. This one is easy. We just need to know some basic information about your business such as:

  • The name
  • Address
  • Phone-number
  • Support email
  • Social networks

You also have the opportunity to give us a short description of your business. If you are not word savvy, don’t worry! Our copywriters can take whatever you come up with and turn it into engaging content.

Choose A Domain Name for Your Premium Website

Now it is time to pick your domain name, otherwise known as the address of your website. You want a name that matches as close as possible to your business name and is easy for people to type into their URL to find you.

If you already have a domain name, great! Simply choose the “I have a domain” button and paste it into the provided space. If you don’t have a domain name yet, no worries. You can also select the “get a new domain” button and search for available ones.

If you are having trouble finding a domain name you like, skip this form! We can always go back to it together and brainstorm ideas for your perfect domain name.

Provide Content for Your Website

Remember back in step 3 when you put all your business information together? Now is the time to put it to use! The “content” form allows us to understand the purpose of your website. This is where you can list your descriptions of your products and/or services. If you did your homework back in step 3 and have them all listed out in a file, you can simply upload that file to the form.

If you are unable to come up with a lot of content for this form, don’t worry about it. Our expert copywriters can take whatever you give them and turn it into descriptions that sell. However, the more information you provide, the less generic your content will be.

Supply Media for Your Premium Website

Images keep users engaged and make your website look more visually pleasing. That’s why in the “media” form, we have you upload the photos and possible videos you put together back in step 3. These media files can consist of images/videos of:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Your logo
  • Your team members

If you don’t have any images, don’t worry too much. We can always provide high-quality images, but it is much more engaging to your consumers if the images are “real-life” so to say.

5. Start Premium Website Development

After you give us all the information you can, click the “start website development button” at the bottom of your page to begin the creation of your dream website!

Before we can get started though, we need you to enter your billing information. If at any time you want to cancel your subscription, you can! We believe in helping you grow, not stealing your money.

Meet Your Project Manager

Once you have entered your billing information, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be able to answer any of your questions throughout the entirety of the process. You will have access to their email and phone number, so feel free to contact them whenever you need to!

If you completed step 2 and have a general idea of how you want your website laid out, now is the perfect time to contact your project manager with this information.

Once they have reviewed all the information you have given, they will contact you with any questions. They will then pass your information onto the creative team, who will start designing you a stunning layout.

Approve Your Website Design

Once the creative team has your website designed, it’s time for you to approve it. You will be given the design to look over and determine whether or not you like it. If you want any changes at all, just let us know and we will make it happen.

Finish Developing Your Premium Website

With an approved website design, we can go to work adding the finishing touches to your website. This step involves having our professional copywriters edit and add premium content to your site to help it reach more people and keep your audience engaged. It also involves finishing up our custom coding to ensure your website runs smoothly and is extremely user-friendly.

Once we have the whole website developed, you get to approve it once again to make sure you like it. If you want any changes, just let us know and we make them happen.

6. Launch Your Premium Website

Now that you have approved every step of the development process, it is time to go live with your website. This is the part where many website developers will hit you with extra costs. However, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees with us. Any changes you wanted made throughout the development process are included in your website development plan.

Once launched, we continue to provide you with dedicated support to ensure your website leverages your brand as best as possible. We want to see your business grow, which is why we take the time to ensure all updates and maintenance aspects are taken care of for you. You focus on your business while we focus on your website.

Promote Your New Premium Website

Many people think that once their website is made that the process is over. This is not true though. For your website to perform at its absolute best, you are going to need to promote it.

We will help with this by performing a combination of:

  • Link building
  • Local business listing submissions
  • Local directory citations

The rest is up to you. You can help promote your website through:

  • Social media
  • Organic traffic
  • Paid ads

You can check out our article on local marketing for tips on how to use various marketing techniques to attract people to your website.

With a premium website and exceptional promotion efforts, your website will start performing well in no time. As a result, you will start to attract traffic and grow your business, which is our main goal for you. So why not let us help bring your business to life today by signing up now for your new premium website today!